Name: Cathe Holden (Pronounced the same as Cathy) 

Business Name: Cathe Holden


Instagram: @catheholden

Facebook: Cathe Holden Design

Twitter: Cathe Holden (I don’t use Twitter much at all.)

Other Social Media: 

Email Address: [email protected]

What you love making and why: Collage: Whether it’s art, craft, my surroundings, sewing, or designing. I enjoy bringing contrasting elements together to create unexpected compositions.

What is happening in your business today you’d like to promote/highlight?   Please share details here. 

Today I am prepping for a video shoot (to be done right after your podcast interview) premiering my second fabric collection with Moda Fabrics. My first collection is/was to be available in stores this month (who knows at this point!). I am also a designer of stencils for artists, crafters, and DIYers. Most of my design aesthetic is a little bit funky, typically colorful, and most often vintage in style.

This is the assemblage art piece Cathe made for her daughter.