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What I love making and why?

I have been making stuff since I was a little girl. I LOVE seeing the potential in everything. Lately, I’ve been making birds and flowers out of things that might be considered throw away….Paint rags, paint palettes, junk drawer stuff, paper clippings, old tins, stuff from flea markets. My endless curiosity constantly feeds the need to create! It is my joy, my passion… it is a huge part of who I am!!

What’s happening in my business now?

I have been focused on art licensing for the last 15 years. But… because of the changes in the world right now… I am looking to create on-line creative courses as a new income stream. I have taught live fir several years at my own retreats, but that isn’t possible now. So, I am taking that experience to the on-line space. My daughter and I have created the “Creatively Curious Club.” In our classes, we sit side by side and create together. We LOVE creating together! We hope to inspire and encourage others to explore their creative spirit… and learn to loosen up and play!! We have also created a weekly newsletter where we share inspiration and helpful tips!!!