Get to know the ladies who own Haven Place. Kathy Wilkins and her daughters Kallie Maughan and Chelsea Merrill

They are a mother-daughter trio of makers, gatherers and beauty seekers. Passionate about people, they love their big crazy family and awesome friends, and think it’s the funnest thing in the world to  make beautiful things whether it’s in the art studio, the sewing room, the garden, or the kitchen! They crave girls’ nights out and get-togethers, so what could be better than creating a place where they can do all of that and invite others to come do it with them? 

Some of their favorites (in no particular order): watercolor, sketching, book and journal making, junk journaling, paper crafting, modern macrame, concrete planters, stitchery and sewing, sign-painting, …. so many ideas, so little time!

More directly from The Haven Place:

Our Maker Retreats! We just had our first one this month and it was 100 times better than we ever expected. We limit the group to just 12 so we can give extra time and attention and space to each person. We spend four day making beautiful things, laughing, learning, eating delicious food, & building friendships.

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Email Address: [email protected]

2020 Haven Place Retreats:

April 29-May 2, 2020

Sept 23-26, 2020

Oct 21-24, 2020

all located at their beautiful workshop in Nampa, ID.

Go to their website for further details.