Name:  Roben-Marie Smith

Business Name:  Roben-Marie Smith


Instagram:  @robenmarie



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Email Address: [email protected]

What you love making and why: 

My creative passions not only revolve around collage art, art journaling and painting, but also in creating and designing websites. 

I love the freedom and peace I feel when I am working with paper…painting, tearing, shaping and using them to create something totally new. 

My brain also gets really excited to see the creative process through on the computer.  Most creatives don’t get excited about technology, but I absolutely love it.  Graphic design gets me excited in a different way.  The merging of the physical art with digital is a process I enjoy almost as much as dabbling with paint and paper.

What is happening in your business today.

Maker’s Tech U is my big project right now. It is a membership site dedicated to helping artists and creatives with the tech side of improving their online presence and/or helping them with tech side of running an online business.   I created Maker’s Tech U after 16+ years of running my own businesses online and having many artists reach out to me for tech help. It was a natural transition for me to offer my services to artists and makers who just need a life line to help them navigate on their journey.

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